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Web and Mobile Application Services Human-centered design, usability at its core.

Fusion is a leading outsourced product development company offering web and mobile application development meant to delight users and drive loyalty. Our team has worked with Silicon Valley startups, huge enterprises and SMEs to deliver seamless web application development every single time.

We built a world class product for our client!

A full stack team at your service.

Front End:

Our front end developers stay abreast with the latest development trends to create visually stunning, fully responsive, and user-friendly websites and apps that help you blow your competition out of the water.

Our Tech Stack

Languages: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax

Frameworks: AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue JS, Bootstrap, Foundation, EmberJS, Backbone, MeteorJS

Back End:

Your website or apps backend is the lifeblood that drives it forward. Our talented Backend development teams stay updated with their tech stack to make sure your app or website is high performing, robust, secure, stable and seamless.

Our Tech Stack

Languages: PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript (NodeJS)

Frameworks: Laravel, Django, Pyramid, Spring, Express, Hapi

Custom Made mobile apps across platforms.


The most popular platform by market share, close to 80% of mobile devices worldwide run on Android. Our developers are proficient in Dev- tools, IDE, and languages such as Android Studio, HTML, CSS, Google Material, Java, and Kotlin. This enables them to create spectacular Android apps that offer support and run seamlessly on multiple Android OS versions.


Getting your app accepted on the App store is a feat in itself. App store has a number of specifications and rules that apps on the platform have to adhere to and novice developers often end up failing to meet the standards. Our team has extensive experience developing for the iPhone and iPad. They are proficient with the full suite of Apple developer tools (Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Objective C) that helps them churn out performance-oriented, interactive, and Quality-rich iOS apps on demand.

Hybrid & Cross-Platform

Why develop everything twice when you can develop at once for both Android and iOS. When costs, timeline, and manpower is a concern a cross-platform strategy works best. We use cross-platform frameworks efficiently to ensure that code is reusable to make development faster and more cost-efficient.

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